Small Grants for Russian Fulbright and Humphrey Alumni, Fall 2006

The Fulbright Program in Russia is pleased to announce a new small-grants competition that is open to all Russian alumni of the J. William Fulbright or Hubert H. Humphrey programs. Funding for these grants comes from the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Themes for projects to be funded in this competition:

  1. fostering innovation to develop a knowledge-based society
  2. developing life-long learning
  3. strengthening the role of universities in the community
  4. supporting work-force development
  5. promoting study of the USA
  6. improving skills for community leadership

Small grants ranging from $100 to $1,000 will be awarded to support short-term projects that promote one of the competition's themes. Fulbright and Humphrey alumni are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in developing proposals that meet the following general guidelines:

  1. The project must be outwardly focused and prominently incorporate the Fulbright/Humphrey name.
  2. One or more alumni must be in charge of the project.
  3. The grant cannot be used to fund either publications or international travel.
  4. Funding is limited to a minimum of $100.00 and a maximum of $1,000.00.  The grant will be paid in rubles.
  5. Fulbright alumni who previously received an alumni small grant (in 2004, 2005, or 2006) are not eligible to apply for a grant in this competition.

Projects might take one of the following forms: a local meeting, conference, round table, or workshop led by expert(s) on one of the competition's themes; a public event to promote the Fulbright vision of increasing mutual understanding among the peoples of Russia and the USA; a regional exhibition that highlights one of the themes.  Whenever possible, applicants are encouraged to link their projects with other Russian institutions (universities, institutes, American Centers and Corners, libraries, museums) that will allow for broader audiences.

Applications will be reviewed on 1 July 2006.  Late applications will be considered if funding is available.  Projects must begin no earlier than 1 September and be completed by 31 December 2006. The application must include:

  1. A Cover Page listing the following information (in both English and Russian except as noted)
    (1) Full name of applicant
    (2) Institution and current position, with office address and telephone number(s)
    (3) Home address and telephone number
    (4) E-mail address
    (5) Year(s) applicant received a Fulbright/Humphrey grant and host institution in the USA (in English)
    (6) Requested amount of grant (in US dollars)
    (7) Brief summary describing the proposed project (no more than 100 words, in English)
    (8) Signature of applicant and date
  2. Description of the Proposed Project (one page, in Russian).
  3. Proposed Budget for the Project with a detailed list of expenditures (one page, in Russian).

Those receiving grants will be required to submit a brief final report and account for expenditure of grant funds upon completion of the project.

Applications and requests for additional information should be sent to

Elena Shabashova
Assistant Program Officer
Fulbright Office, Moscow/Russia
Tel: (495) 935-83-53
Fax: (495) 937-54-18