Fulbright New Century Scholars Program, 2006
Higher Education in the 21st Century: Access and Equity

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State of the United States of America is pleased to announce the competition for the fifth year of the Fulbright New Century Scholars program (NCS). NCS is a global program that annually brings together 25-30 research scholars and professionals from the U.S. and participating countries around the world. The 2006 program will continue the previous year's theme of higher education with a specific focus on access and equity.

The deadline for applications to the Moscow office of the Fulbright Program in Russia is June 16, 2006.

1. New Century Scholar 2006 theme: "Higher Education in the 21st Century: Access and Equity." Institutions of higher education are crucial for the development of knowledge-based economies and thriving civil societies in the 21st century. They provide essential leadership, training, and education in the skills needed for complex, modern societies and are a resource for addressing problems and pursuing opportunities in the private and public sectors of society. Their global networks allow for cooperation among nations and their citizens.

2. However, one of the most common and complex challenges facing higher education is ensuring equitable access for the increasing numbers of individuals who seek postsecondary education. Providing higher education to diverse and growing populations will require national commitment and international cooperation to develop policies and target resources. A nation's economic growth and social well being are increasingly dependent on a well-educated workforce. Expanding access and equity will require a deeper understanding of the relationship between culture, society, politics, and higher education.

3. The following three sub themes will be examined in depth:

  1. "Cultural and societal norms that affect access and equity": An examination of barriers affecting access to higher education such as social structures and public policies and the need to create equal opportunity in an inclusive society.
  2. "The role of K-16 [elementary and secondary education] in limiting or advancing access to higher education": An examination of barriers affecting socially and economically disadvantaged groups such as inadequate academic preparation and limited information or encouragement. An exploration of the need to provide effective programs to bridge the transition from secondary to higher education in the areas of curriculum alignment, teacher preparation, and student support.
  3. "The resources and polices that provide greater access to higher education": An examination of resources and policies affecting access to higher education, A growing trend to shift the burden of higher education costs from government to individuals, and the debate about whether higher education is a public or private good. Economic status of students remains a powerful barrier to access to higher education.

Please refer to the CIES website at www.cies.org for more information on the program topic and sub themes.

4. Program design: The program will begin in February 2007 and conclude in March 2008.

5. Program participant requirements: New Century Scholars will be expected to

  1. Conduct research both within and outside of their home countries including a two- to three-month international visit.
  2. Participate in all NCS program seminar meetings of approximately one-week's duration each.
  3. Throughout the program year, scholars will also be expected to maintain contact and interact with other participants in the program in order to expand their own research and to explore comparative approaches to the program topic.

6. General eligibility criteria: All candidates for the program must be able to demonstrate outstanding qualifications and a record of experience and accomplishment in an area clearly related to the New Century Scholar research theme. Individuals in all disciplines are welcome to apply so long as they are conducting current research directly relevant to the theme and are open to exploring international and interdisciplinary approaches to their investigations. Since individuals designated as Fulbright New Century Scholars will have attained a level of national or international recognition for demonstrated professional accomplishments, including mastery of English and currency in their relevant disciplinary areas, their selection will be based primarily on their potential to contribute to the overall program objectives rather than on a need or desire to receive further training or exposure to developments and trends in their particular field.

7. Nomination and selection criteria:

A. Formal qualifications of the applicant, including academic degrees, training, status, and position;
B. National and international reputation in his/her field;
C. Quality of nominee's professional accomplishments as demonstrated through publications, research grants, and other professional achievements;
D. Merits of the research proposal and its relevance to the New Century Scholars research topic;
E. Potential of the applicant's proposed research to contribute to a better understanding of the topic on both national and international levels;
F. Potential for the applicant's proposed research to contribute to a high-level interdisciplinary discussion of the research theme;
G. Justification for the proposed international visit and its significance for advancing understanding of the subject;
H. Ability of the applicant to carry out the project;
I. Oral fluency in English.

8. Application procedures: Qualified candidates will be required to submit the following documents in English to the Moscow office of the Fulbright Program in Russia (address below) on or before June 16, 2006:

(a) A New Century Scholars program application cover page that is on the CIES website at www.cies.org;
(b) A project abstract;
(c) A proposal, not to exceed four typed, single-spaced pages, and one-page bibliography of relevant sources;
(d) A curriculum vitae and publications list;
(e) Two letters of support; and
(f) A letter of invitation from the prospective host institution.

Detailed application guidelines are available on the CIES website. Final review and selection of New Century Scholars will be conducted by CIES and successful candidates will be notified of their awards in October 2006. International research visits may begin at any time after the February 2007 orientation and must be concluded by March 2008.

9. New Century Scholar awards include individual travel/research funding in the amount of $37,000, which is intended to support travel to all program meetings, travel and maintenance for the exchange visit, research materials and assistance, and some partial salary. Accommodations and meals for program seminar meetings are covered separately.

10. All application materials must be submitted by June 16, 2006 to:


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