Reminder Notice to Current Grantees

Hello Fulbright Commissions -

Many thanks to all who have helped promote the Fulbrighters in Science Conference, which we are organizing with assistance from the German Commission, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program, and many of the Fulbright Alumni groups. More than 115 people have expressed interest in attending. This includes around 25 Fulbright alumni from "developing countries" who have requested travel assistance. At this time, we only have a few hundred dollars in this fund, which will be used to waive registration fees. If you have suggestions as to how we could support their travel and accommodation expenses, we would be glad to hear them.

I would be very grateful if you could distribute the announcement (below) and the attached PDF file to your current grantees and alumni. The British Fulbright Scholars Assn, the Japan Fulbright Alumni Association, and others are including announcements in their print newsletters (which is great), but email distribution to current grantees and alumni seems to be more effective.

Thank you.

Eric S. Howard