Announcing the Fulbright Academy Science Conference
Berlin, Germany, March 4-5, 2006

Organized by: The Fulbright Academy of Science & Technology
Co-sponsored by: The German-American Fulbright Commission
With financial and organizational support from: German Fulbright Alumni Association, The Monsanto Fund, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and others

Conference Announcement:

Fulbright scholar grantees and Fulbright alumni from Europe and beyond are invited to the Fulbright Academy‚€™s Science Conference, to be held at the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin, Germany on Saturday and Sunday, March 4-5, 2006. The conference is open to current grantees, alumni and others who have an interest in the Fulbright program, including hosts of current and past grantees. The conference language is English. (The official Call for Papers is attached.)

Who Will Attend?

This will be the Fulbright Academy‚€™s first conference, and we are planning for 150 people, including natural and social scientists, government officials, corporate executives, students, and retirees.

The Fulbright Academy of Science & Technology (FAST) is a non-profit organization established by alumni of the Fulbright Exchange Program and others interested in science and technology innovation. Instead of working with alumni in a particular country, we work with grantees and alumni worldwide, in a particular set of disciplines. FAST is an independently funded, membership organization and is not affiliated with the US State Department or any of the agencies or commissions involved in administering Fulbright exchanges.
Through this conference, we seek to create new international ties among alumni, current grantees, Fulbright hosts, and others interested in international exchange. The conference is designed for people in the natural and social sciences, engineering, technology, and medicine, and for those whose personal or business interests relate to those fields. FAST members are in fields such as economics, forestry, sociology, linguistics, business, law, biology, and chemistry, and we have supporters in dozens of countries around the world.
FAST organizes events and networking programs where members and supporters can meet, exchange research results and innovative ideas, and develop new friendships ‚€“ in the spirit of the Fulbright Exchange Program. The 2006 Conference in Berlin will be the largest event to date. Approximately one-third of the attendees will be Americans who are on a 2005-06 Fulbright scholarship in Europe. Most of the other attendees will be based in Europe, but we also expect guests from Africa, Asia, North America and elsewhere.

The Conference will be a success because of you ‚€“ the Fulbright Organizations.
Please help us promote the event to the Fulbright and science communities in your region and to your current grantees. .
We would be very grateful if you could ‚€¶
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We thank you in advance for your assistance in promoting this Fulbright event.

Why Berlin?
This Conference will be held in Berlin because the German-US exchange program is the largest of the Fulbright exchanges, with over 40,000 alumni and 600 new grantees participating each year. Our conference will be held immediately before the 52nd Fulbright Seminar, a four-day program organized each year by the German-American Fulbright Commission. We are pleased to have the German Commission as a partner in this conference, and also we would like to thank the Fulbright Association (US) and the Hellenic Fulbright Association for demonstrating in 2004 that an international conference is possible and beneficial to the participants and the broader Fulbright community.
The March 2006 Conference is being organized by FAST and is co-sponsored by the German-American Fulbright Commission, with additional financial and organizational support from other partners and sponsors. Because of our sponsors, we are able to offer scholarships and other benefits to conference attendees. If you or your organization/business would like to make a donation or be a sponsor, please contact Eric Howard at +1.207.799.3098. Confirmed sponsors will be listed on the conference announcements, programs and in the Annals of the Fulbright Academy.
Thank you for your help, and I look forward to being in touch.

Eric S. Howard, Executive Director

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The Fulbright Academy is an independent non-profit organization established by alumni of the Fulbright Exchange Program and others interested in science and technology innovation.
It is not affiliated with the US State Department, or any of the agencies or commissions involved in administering Fulbright exchanges.