Message to Fulbright and HHH alumni and participants

Dear Fulbright and Humphrey Program Participants and Alumni,

We are deeply concerned and saddened more and more each day by the unfolding tragedy in South/Southeast Asia and Africa , and send our condolences to colleagues and friends who are affected.

The U .S . Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the principal sponsor of the Fulbright and Humphrey Programs, would like to engage the expertise of program participants and alumni to help devise exchange and educational initiatives to assist in relief and reconstruction efforts in the earthquake and tsunami-affected countries , as well as to work on future preparedness and response efforts to natural disasters throughout the world. Your input will be invaluable to the Bureau as it seeks the most useful ways to address these issues through academic and professional exchange programs.

The Bureau welcomes your ideas and advice on ways that State Department exchange programs could be helpful in these areas both in the next few months and over the longer term. In addition, if you have special expertise in areas relevant to disaster relief or preparedness, or other relevant regional or country-specific experience, please let us know.  The Bureau may be in contact with you for a further discussion.

Please send your comments, ideas and professional information to and we will forward information and messages to the Bureau.

Many thanks,

Mary Kirk
Vice President, Student Exchanges, IIE