Dear Fulbright friends,

you have received the below attached message from  Jane Anderson and myself some weeks ago about the  upcoming 100th anniversary of Senator Fulbright next April. Thanks to all of you who have already replied.

Our idea is to virtually commemorate this together around the world with every one of the more than 60 Fulbright alumni association participating with small or large events and in a joined communication of what Fulbright is all about. Who if not we, the alumni associations which so proudly bear his name and consist of outstanding people who had the great privilege to be selected as a Fulbright scholar would be able to spread the word about Senator Fulbright's vision and the program that has changed so many of our lives?

Jane as the representative of the largest Fulbright Association has offered to coordinate the research of data on the different association and I would like to ask all the association who have not yet supplied the data on theirs to please do so asap.
You find the question below in Jane' e-mail.

And I am sure many of you have already started to make plans for commemorating the anniversary. Please share your plans and thoughts with the others, so we could synergies, support and learn from each others ideas.

The German Fulbright Association for example will hold a strategy meeting in September and one workshop is designated on the 100. anniversary. I have signed up for it and would be more than happy to present all the plans from associations from around the world.

In addition we plan to discuss the plans further throughout the Athens Fulbright conferences in October. It would be great, of course, if you would also participate and present your ideas there. If you likemore info on the Athens conferences please check out the website of the US Fulbright Association, I am sure the conferences will be inspiring and fruitful and I look very much forward to seeing and meeting a lot of old and new Fulbright friends in the Greek capital, host city for this year's Olympics.

Best regards
Wiltrud Hammelstein

Fulbright Alumni Organizations Worldwide schrieb am
17.05.04 17:00:29:

Dear Colleagues:

Thanks to Wiltrud for starting this important conversation about the commemoration of the centenary of Senator Fulbright's birth. We will take on research regarding what other organizations may be planning and report. Perhaps we can further these ideas at the conferences in Athens in October