Dear colleagues,

hereby I would like to inform you, that the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, carries out its
6th Summer Course The European System of Human Rights Protection
06 - 17 September 2004
Europa-Universitat Viadrina
Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
We would highly appreciate, if you could announce this course among your students or other persons interested in human rights affairs. A poster with brief information about the Summer Course can be downloaded from

This Summer Course, held in English, will deal in detail specifically with the European system of human rights protection. Although there are numerous summer courses and other special study programs within Europe on human rights protection, this course provides an integrated treatment of the various supra-national European systems and of specifically European issues of human rights protection, that is, with important matters relevant to over forty European countries with very diverse political, economic and social systems. The subject matter, therefore, includes human rights protection within the regimes of the Council of Europe (the European Convention of Human Rights and the European Social Charter), the European Community, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (Helsinki Accords), as well on the universal level of public international law where relevant. The treatment of the substantive regimes and their specific rights catalogues is set against the background of a consideration of the philosophical, historical, political, economic and sociological aspects of human rights, and includes practical institutional matters such as complaint procedures as well as developments such as the so-called 'New Rights'. Practical and contemporary issues, such as the protection of human rights in situations of war or civil disorder, will also be addressed.

This comprehensive course has been organised by and will be presented by a dedicated group of experienced and experts teachers from universities in eleven European countries, co-ordinated by the Viadrina European University Frankfurt (Oder) (Germany). The other participants are the Universities of Lund (Sweden), Oviedo (Spain), Utrecht (Netherlands), Turku (Finland), Aberystwyth (United Kingdom), Rennes I (France), Uppsala (Sweden), Lublin (Poland), Maribor (Slovenia), Eötvös Lórand Budapest (Hungary) and Salzburg (Austria).

The program in broad outline includes the following:

Part I: General and Institutional Issues:- overview of regimes and institutions; philosophical, conceptual, sociological and historical aspects; issues of national implementation; control procedures; the role of non-governmental organisations.

Part II: Substantive Human Rights:- civil and political rights; the right to work; the rights to health and to development; the right to self-determination and minority protection; non- discrimination; migration and refugees.

This course is designed for advanced undergraduate students or recent graduates and aims at providing them with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of human rights law and policy within the transnational European context. Participants are expected to attend for the whole duration of the program.

Participating students must:
- have a good working knowledge of English;
- be at an advanced stage of their studies or recent graduates;
- have at least a basic understanding of public international law.

Participants from international organisations or NGOs are also welcome.

The total fee for the program is 420 EURO. This charge includes:
- full tuition costs;
- accommodation for full period of the program (14 nights accommodation);
- all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Monday-Friday throughout both weeks of the program.

In cases of demonstrated need (especially in the case of students from Eastern European Universities), a  small scholarship may be provided (subject to funding availability). Further details can be obtained on request  by e-mail or fax.

For more information please refer first to our homepage:

To contact the course administration for information not available on the homepage, please email to:

Many thanks for your help.
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