Regional managers for Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belorussia

Dear alumni,

This letter is for those of you who reside in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belorussia or can stay in these countries for good. IMS-CPM, OMNICOM are currently looking for regional managers who could set up an office, start operations with our existing/potential clients and manage well a team of motivated employees. Candidates with strong entrepreneurial, managerial, marketing, people skills will be given preference. However, we know that you are all well qualified, motivated and talented, so we will carefully consider all candidates.

This is a unique and I want to repeat it is a unique opportunity to join a dynamic western company and develop skills you have gained in the US.

We are planning to open offices right after the New Year, so please do not wait till the last moment when all posiions are filled.

Below you can find some information about the company.
IMS-CPM (, )

IMS is part CPM International, the largest European field marketing alliance. CPM itself belongs to OMNICOM International, second largest US marketing alliance(ATL & BTL).

Fields of work: Operational Marketing (Merchandising, Promotion, Distribution, Telebusiness, Internet Marketing), Strategic marketing (brand management), Research (behavioral, motivational research, other), Training.

Client list:

British Tobacco
...and many others

Thank you,

Eugene Ivkine,
Chief Strategic Marketing and Merchandising Consultant

3rd floor, Ent 2,
2nd Khoroshevsky pr., 7-1
Moscow, Russia, 123007
7(095) 797-87-01
7(095) 797-87-02