Dear Colleagues,

Tver regional branch of the Russian-American Academic Exchange Alumni Association "Professionals for Cooperation", with the support of IREX, will conduct on the 12-14-th of April, 2001 the Conference on

"Culture of Peace: Prospects for the 21-st Century".

The following topics are expected to be discussed within the format of the Conference:

The potential participants of the Conference are requested to forward the abstracts of their papers to Prof. Boris Goubman, head the Organizing Committee of the Conference on "Culture of Peace: Prospects for the 21-st Century", before the 10-th of March, 2001. The address of the Organizing Committee: 170000, Tver, Jelyabova St. 33, Dept. of the Theory and History of Culture. The abstracts may be also submitted via e-mail to the following personal account: The volume of the abstracts should not exceed 4 pages ( in case of regular mail submission, the abstracts should be on the diskette and in the printed form), printed in Times New Roman, 14, single-spaced, margins - 2, 5 cm. each side, quoted sources - after the text, the name of the author and the represented institution - above the paper’s title. The abstracts will be published in the proceedings of the Conference. Unfortunately, the Organizing Committee of the Conference will be able to cover all transportation and accommodation expenses only for those key-note speakers whose papers are approved in the course of the preliminary selection. The priority in this case will be given to the members of the Russian-American Association "Professionals for Cooperation" Personal invitations for the Conference participants will be forwarded before the 25-th of March, 2001.

Organizing Committee