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1st Russian Fulbright Conference


Dear colleagues,

we invite you to participate in the conference "Fulbright Program in Russia. Prospects and Problems of the Community of Scholars" scheduled for April 19-20, 2001 in Moscow.

We plan to discuss the problems of self-organization of the Fulbright alumni community, our contacts with other Russian-American and international academic exchange associations, a contribution we are willing and able to make to the self-preservation and renewal of the intellectual community, consolidation of civil society, educational reform and development in Russia. The ways and means of ensuring effective communications - professional, institutional, interdisciplinary, inter-univerisity and international - are likely to constitute the focus of the prospective discussion.

The tentative outline of the key issues to be engaged:

Please, send your proposals (resumes of about 200 words) by February 20, 2001 to or by regular mail to 109189, Moscow, Nikoloyamsakya st.,1, VGBIL, Fulbright Program

Don't forget to indicate your name, professional affiliation, address, telephone and e-mail, year of participation in the Fulbright program.

Working languages of the conference: Russian, English.

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Oragnizing committee of the conference:

A. Kezin (Moscow University), J.McCormick (Fulbright Program in the Russian Federation), N.Mitoussova (US Embassy in Russia), V. Podlesskaya (Russian Humanities University), Yu. Rogoulev (Moscow University), T. Venediktova (Moscow University), O. Vinogradova (Russian Humanities University), A.Yagola (Moscow University), S. Zavriev (Higher School of Economics).