I'd like to introduce a new resource for newcomers to the USA.

New2USA.com is the first interactive online community serving the multicultural needs of people moving to the United States from around the globe. We guide and shape the acclimation process by integrating meaningful how-to and real-life editorial content with a host of innovative online tools and resources for the international community.

New2USA.com publishes daily and offers engaging content and special services for registered and visiting members. From managing finances and earning money, to gaining expert legal and social advice, New2USA.com is the "port of preference" for people from around the world. New2USA recognizes the needs of students new to living and studying in the U.S., and provides them with the resources and helping hand they need. New2USA's online community is a virtual lifeline - a home away from home - offering guidance based on real-life experiences that helps newcomer students understand and enjoy the full spectrum of life in the U.S. New2USA is the first and only all-in-one Web site that provides the fullest range of reliable, real-life content to help newcomers get settled and thrive in study, work and life in the United States. New2USA is a virtual lifeline for newcomers separated from families and native countries, providing comforts through shared real-life experiences, chat rooms, message boards and free email.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Anita Moses

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Anita Moses-Samuel
Careers & Education Department Editor