Ensure your inclusion in the Dissertations in Central Asian Studies Webpage - and your colleagues, too.


Dear Colleagues,

We are putting together a page on the <Central Asian Studies World Wide> website which is devoted to highlighting the "new" people in the field, by listing their dissertations and some other key information. The list is to include those who have received PhD-equivalent degrees in the last 8 years in any field of Central Asian studies, who made significant use of materials pertaining to Central Asia in their PhD dissertation.

The webpage is meant to serve the following purposes, among others:

Your assistance is requested in making this as complete and useful tool as possible. If you represent a university department or other institution, you may wish to submit information on your graduates (so that the strength of your institution shows in this list). If you know of scholars who should be included, please alert them to this, or help us to fill the gaps.

Please have a look at it at, and submit information yourself and/or other scholars from your institution: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~casww/CASWW_Diss.html

If you do not have access to the web for submitting your information, please send us an email at centasia@fas.harvard.edu and we will send you a form you can fill out using email.

The dissertations are arranged by field and indexed by Subject, Institution, and Author, so it is a pretty good way to see how our field is developing - and the more comprehensive it is, the better, so please contribute.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!John Schoeberlein


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