Free Lists for Posting (or Receiving) Postings on Jobs, Scholarships, Announcements, Conferences

Dear Human Resources Officer/Program Officer:
I am writing regarding several new free listservs that I have started several months ago about jobs, scholarships, funding for NGOs, and intersting lectures/conferences related to conflict resolution/humanrights/development and/or to Central and EasternEurope and the NIS. If you are interested in reaching a specialized recruitment pool for your job openings or to post relevant scholarship/funding announcements(or receive posting of other relevant opportunities!) the lists are a great way to reach a talented and diverse audience in a quick manner.

The lists are free to both post listings and for people subscribing to the lists. To date there are between 120-700 subscribers to each list and they are growing every day with members throughout the CEE/NIS region, Western Europe and North America.

If you would like to post something to the list or if you have any questions you can e-mail directly at I am enclosing an announcement below that describes the lists. Please feel free to pass along the announcement.

Thank you for your time.
Craig Zelizer
Ph.D. Candidate & Adjunct Faculty
Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA

Craig Zelizer has often, in the past, provided some very interesting and useful announcements for our lists. He has now created some interesting mailing lists, and outlined them in the announcement below. I hope I am forwarding the instructions correctly.

You will note below that the first list is "nisjobs" - and here is how you can subscribe to that mailing list via the web:

Go to:
At that site, you can subscribe to the new NISJOBS list.
If you do not have web access, you can do the following:

  1. Address e-mail to:
  2. Leave SUBJECT blank
  3. Leave MESSAGE blank
  4. Then SEND the message

You will receive a message confirming your subscription.

You will note, in the list below, that their are 7 differenct lists. The instructions above subscribe you to nisjobs. For any other list, you will use the same procedure, but use the name of the list to which you want to subscribe.

  1. nisjobs (NIS related jobs in the US and Abroad)
  2. ceejobs (Central Europe related jobs in the US and Abroad)
  3. conflictjobs (Conflict jobs in the US and abroad)
  4. nisscholarships (Former Soviet Union related Scholarships)
  5. ceescholarships (Central Europe Related Scholarships)
  6. conflictscholarships (Conflict and Development Related Scholarships)
  7. dcevents (DC related human rights, conflict, development talks, conferences, also including some interseting events abroad)

Craig Zelizer
Ph.D. Candidate and Adjunct Faculty
Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution
George Mason University