The Auditing Commission

[Igor Alikperov] Alikperov Igor Mikhailovich  - Chairperson
Affiliation: Ural Pedagogic University.
Position: Professor, Department of Theory of Economics.
Organization address (address for correspondence): Volgogradskaia street, 196/6, Ekaterinburg, 620102, Russia.
Phone (office): (7)(3432)34-88-03.
Fax (office): (7)(3432)34-97-71.
Phone (home): (7)(3432)29-55-66.
babak.jpg (19024 bytes) Babak Tatiana Petrovna.
Affiliation: Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogic University, the Department of English Philology.
Position: Head of the Department of English Philology, Associate Professor.
Organization address: Lebedeva street, 89, Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia.
Phone (office}: (7)(3912)23-28-13.
Fax: (7)(3912)22-28-92.
Phone (home): (7)(3912)44-37-04.
Address for correspondence: Novaia Zaria street, 31-16, Krasnoyarsk, 660028, Russia.
perepanova.jpg (15669 bytes) Perepanova Tatiana Sergeevna.
Affiliation: East Siberia State Technology University.
Position: Head of the Department of Audition. of the East Siberia State Technology University, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Organization address: Dept. of Audition, Faculty of Economics, East Siberia State Technology University, Klyuchevskaia street, 40a, Ulhan-Ude, 670013, Russia.
Phone (office): (7)(3012)21-34-83.
Fax: (7)(3012)33-37-06.
Home address (address for correspondence): Pobeda Streed, 13-21, Ulhan-Ude, 670017, Russia.
Phone (home): (7)(3012)21-62-41.